Bluenose sailing ship

December 8, 2021
Bluenose II in full sail

The initial Bluenose ended up being built in Lunenburg’s celebrated Smith and Rhuland Shipyard to participate when it comes to International Fisherman’s Trophy. In October 1921, the Bluenose won her very first battle and also for the next 17 many years, she defeated all contenders. In 1928, the Bluenose defeated the Thebaud within the final battle show and was called Queen for the North Atlantic fishing fleet. The Bluenose had get to be the pride of Nova Scotians plus in 1937, the Canadian dime ended up being altered to incorporate a graphic associated with the mighty ship.

In 1942, despite the attempts of Bluenose Master, Captain Angus J. Walters yet others maintain the ship in Nova Scotia, the vessel was sold into the western Indian Trading Company. Four many years later on the Bluenose struck a Haitian reef and sank.

Building the Bluenose II

In 1963, the Bluenose II had been built from identical plans whilst the Bluenose. She ended up being integrated similar shipyard of Smith and Rhuland by a number of the same guys who'd constructed her mama before the girl.

Bluenose II had been offered on federal government of Nova Scotia for $1 in 1971 because of the Oland category of Halifax and has now offered as Nova Scotia’s tall ship cruising ambassador from the time.

The original Bluenose and her captain, Angus J Walters, had been inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1955.

Coming back the Bluenose II to her original fame

On September 29, 2012, after months of repair focus on the hull associated with Bluenose II, a day-long party took place in Lunenburg in honour of the woman relaunch. The new technical and electrical systems and also the rebuild for the hull to remove hogging will make sure the Bluenose II will continue to be a continuing existence on our seas for decades in the future.

A lot of the original vessel was used again throughout the renovation, including rigging, masts, sails, ironwork, deck structures, and security gear. In general, the setup of this deck will more closely resemble the initial Bluenose, supplying a more authentic knowledge for site visitors and guests.

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