Four masted sailing ships

November 13, 2020
Three and four masted sailing

Had previously been cap'n of a four-masted schooner, till he hurt his back and needed to stay ashore.

The Grace de Dieu was a four-masted vessel, and had been built in 1515.

There was a pergola made out of the timbers of a four-masted schooner that had separated in the 3rd ledge.

She was a four-masted vessel, fitted with double topsails, with a spread of canvas about 4, 500 square yards.

At some point he was owner and master of a four-masted metal cruising ship that transported the English banner and coals from Newcastle.

Fourteen four-masted vessels, part of them with teams of 300 guys, were prepared and victualled for 2 many years.

Also, she was four-masted, instead of the typical three, along with her hull and lower spars were of steel in the place of wood.

This 'ere is a proper simon pure, four-masted womern an' she desires you fer Captain.

Her eyes fastened for an instantaneous upon the tattoo of a four-masted sailing ship imprinted on his arm.

Rob talked together with his father that night, and revealed him his four-masted ship with a bowsprit at each end.

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