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March 1, 2023
Three masted sailing vessel

2013-04-08 07.51.06The Tall Ship Windy, cruising from Navy Pier in Chicago, is a 148 base old-fashioned four-masted gaff topsail schooner. She provides fireworks cruises, pirate cruises, and many different other community and personal cruises in Chicago. She's built of contemporary products, but like old trading schooners and sail training vessels, the WINDY features most of the character and charm of this great age Sail.

Windy ended up being built by Detyens Shipyard, Inc. of Charleston SC. a customized design, she had been conceived by Captain Robert Marthai “Captain Bob”, longtime sailor and traveler, in addition became a maritime adventurer, maritime historian, designer and shipbuilder. Windy had been welcomed because the biggest and newest schooner to the Lake Michigan Fleet in July 1996. Windy reveals its designer’s passion for Traditional Sailing Ship, yet integrates modern amenities and protection things such as for instance pressurized plumbing system, bow thrusters for docking, and a 300 hp Cummins diesel motor.

From the beginning, her mission was intended to bring Tall Ship sailing to the public, for enjoyment, personal and spiritual growth, and self-discovery. Inside years since arriving at Navy Pier, Windy saw thousands of students, Girl Scout, Boy Scouts, youth groups, people alongside guests across the woman porches for educational cruises, daysailing, festivals, spiritual, business, and exclusive parties. Her skyline cruises became famous and Windy ended up being awarded the status of official leading of City of Chicago, by Mayor Richard M. Daley in 2006.

Since 2008, Tall Ship Windy is the pride and joy of husband-and-wife owner/management group Captain Bruce Randall and Karen Randall. She goes on the goal envisioned by the woman earlier owners, gracing Chicago’s skyline with her majestic sails and noble and unmistakable profile. Windy provides the opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to have an authentic tall ship and team while sailing in a secure and protected waterway.

Windy’s Mission: Our goal is to inspire those who may have never been sailing, as well as to intrigue those who are experienced sailors. An adventure on Tall Ship Windy is ideal for families and groups wanting a fun/educational time, romantics of all ages, history buffs, those seeking creative and spiritual inspiration, or just friends out to have a wonderful sailing experience AND a truly unique view of our fair city of Chicago.

Windy’s Specifications:

WINDY is the very first certified four-masted traditional sailing vessel built-in the U.S.A. since 1921. Made of metal, combined with wood booms, gaffs, and deck ornamentation, she's three roomy porches with sitting, a grand hair salon and galley (kitchen), 4 pressurized “heads” (marine commodes), as well as 2 showers. …On time cruises, WINDY is certified for 150 individuals on their three decks: the fore-deck, midships deck and aft deck. On over night cruises, Windy can accommodate up to 36 persons in 12 cabins including a 12 bunk “dorm” design accommodation. A Popular spot for guests could be the aft great cabin (hair salon) using its big stern windows and varnished planked interiors, deep standard silver, burgundy and blue colors, all incorporating a bright warmth towards the practical décor.

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