Tunnel hull Race boats

January 19, 2018
15 tunnel hull hydroplane

Tired of having to wade away in to the lake to access your flipped Tunnel Hull? If that's the case the H-King aquatic Hydrotek with its self-righting capability is the motorboat for you personally!

The H-King Marine Hydrotek ARR and RTR Lite variation Tunnel Hull is an almost scale replica of the awesome competitive F1 Tunnel Hull racing boats seen throughout the world.

Water-cooled ESC and motor, scale like appearance of the lustrous paint plan and expertly used decals combined with boats self-righting capability and rates of +55km/h ready this little jewel besides any one of its competitors. Check the specifications!

The H-King aquatic Hydrotek F1 boat features an intelligent hull design for self-righting. Whenever vessel inadvertently flips during high speed working, don’t stress, due to the fact left hull sponson features in incorporated flooding chamber that can help in the self-righting of the watercraft. Once the sponson is overloaded, pull the throttle trigger to maximum on your own transmitter in a quick explosion, the motorboat will automatically self-right and carry on racing. The flooded self-righting sponson will drain in the initial few seconds of procedure from hole of left-rear hull and its company as always.

• Water-cooled brushless engine and speed controller
• Self-righting design
• Tough moulded abdominal muscles plastic hull
• Expertly used colour pallette and graphics
• Optional sticker sheet
• Dummy outboard engine
• 55+ km/h rates
• show stand included
• Tool kit
• Spare propeller

Hull Material: abdominal muscles plastic
Length: 590mm
Beam: 230mm
Weight: 1010g
Servos: 1X steering servo (included)
ESC: 30A water-cooled w/BEC (Included)
Electric Motor: 2842 brushless outrunner
Power: 3S 11.1V 2200mAh 30C+ lipoly battery (required)
Charger: 3S Balance kind or better (needed)

H-King Marine Hydrotek Tunnel Hull Racing motorboat
Boat Stand
3X Allen Keys
1X spare propeller
1X cable strap
1X XT60 connector and heat shrink tube
1X Waterproof Balloon

2.4GHz 2CH Digital Proportional Transmitter and Receiver set

Source: hobbyking.com
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