Black Sails book

April 4, 2019
The guy second from the left

Youthful sailor and aspiring Olympic rival Kevin A. Hall’s biggest dream was to raise a family group. But in the area of per year, he was diagnosed with both testicular disease and bipolar disorder, putting his family and Olympic aspirations on hold. He quickly discovered that surviving disease was the simple component.

At the chronilogical age of twenty, Hall began that great exhilarating highs and terrifying lows of bipolar disorder—along with delusions that could make their truth look like a waking nightmare. As well as in just what could have been a final blow, after four years of struggling to give you love and support, his soul mates opted for self-preservation and walked away.

Today a distinguished Olympic and America’s Cup sailor with a wonderful wife and family members, Hall shares a behind-the-scenes check his struggles with psychological infection in riveting memoir Ebony Sails White Rabbits. In the face of crushing downs and ups, hospitalizations, and household drama, Hall has learned to weather the ever-changing tide of health battles and personal woes, achieving success despite seemingly impossible chances.

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