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April 4, 2015
CUBC Boat Race - CREWS

CRUK BRThe formal announcement of this Cancer analysis UNITED KINGDOM Boat Race crews occurred this week so I believed I’d do my usual seat by seat preview, specifically when I saw this tweet!

In surprise that @fatsculler has actuallyn’t yet commented on @theboatraces team announcement. Can the event go ahead without their thoughts?!

So I better can get on along with it then!

Searching back at the 2015 competition it absolutely was pretty easy to phone the events the moment the squads were established. The Oxford men’s and women’s squads were outstanding and probably some of the finest Boat Race teams for many years. When it comes to 2016 squads it’s an alternative story. The squads are a lot, much closer…so….starting aided by the men’s boats



Identify: George McKirdy

Nationality: Uk

Age: 27

Height: 190cm

Body weight: 76.8kg

The previous Lightweight GB trialist is one of 5 graduates in Oxford Blue Boat. As a member of Nottingham University he raced within European University rowing titles in 2010-11 and 2013 winning gold into the LM8 this season and adopted that with a bronze in 2011 and silver in 2013. In 2014 he progressed into the World University Games taking bronze into the LM4-. At 27 he’s the oldest man when you look at the Oxford Boat as well as 77kg he’s the lightest rower into the battle by 6lbs.

George McKirdy Bow OUBCCambridge

Title: Felix Newman

Age: 22

Height: 185cm

Body weight: 83.2kg

After successive years in Goldie, Newman eventually wins a chair in the Blue Boat. Those races in Goldie could have already been an agonizing experience. 2014 saw the greatest beat in 19 years and 2015 saw Isis overhaul an open-water shortage to win by 3 lengths. Now Newman has actually the opportunity to get revenge when it matters. Before Cambridge, Newman ended up being area of the highly successful Abingdon School crew winning the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at Henley 3 times in a row.

My verdict….evens….McKirdy is very experienced but Newman understands just what it is like to drop on the Championship course and you will be anxious never to duplicate the knowledge.

2 chair

Title: James White

Age: 19

Height: 187cm

Weight: 87kg

Felix Newman bow CUBCThe youngest man inside competition the former Windsor Boys School pupil raced for the uk within Junior World Championships in 2014, finishing 13th inside JM2X. To date at Oxford he raced within the 3 chair associated with the # 1 Isis Elite 4+ at the Head associated with River Fours which finished 19 moments behind the very best Cambridge motorboat. More known for their sculling expertise (since are all Windsor Boys pupils) it is interesting to see him change to solitary knife rowing


Identify: Ali Abbasi

Nationality: German/American

Age: 24

Level: 188cm

Weight: 88.4kg

Another member of the 2015 Goldie team Abbasi is a University of Chicago graduate, like Newman he’ll be itching to place appropriate the beat from this past year.

My decision: advantage, just, to Oxford. White is a thrilling young oarsman and essentially suitable for both seat

3 chair

Name: Morgan Gerlak

Nationality: American

Age: 23

Weight: 85.8kg

An associate of final year’s victorious Isis team, Gerlak is a graduate of Brown University with who he won gold in the IRA Championships in 2012 and 2014. In 2013 he won their first international vest included in the United States Of America U23 M4- and took a bronze medal. The shortest rower within the Oxford boat, he is, nonetheless very experienced, both as an international so when a collegiate oarsman for Brown.

Title: Charles Fisher

Age: 21

Level: 198cm

Body weight: 91.8kg

The youngest rower within the Cambridge ship, the former Kings university School, Wimbledon oarsman normally most likely the least experienced regarding the Light Blue team. But, despite his childhood and general inexperience, he’s already made their mark-on the international scene being area of the GB team within 2012 Coupe de los angeles Jeunesse.

Verdict: Advantage Oxford. Gerlak is one of the most experienced members of the Oxford ship. But, Fisher is an exciting youthful oarsman and he won his chair by bettering oarsmen a lot older and more experienced than him.

Ali Abbasi 2 CUBC Morgan Gerlak 3 OUBC Charles Fisher 3 CUBC Josh Bugajski 5 OUBC
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