Square rigged sailing ships

February 12, 2020
Square Rigged Painting
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Square-Rigged Sailing Ship Balclutha
Hyde Street Pier
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Built 1886

Balclutha, built-in Glasgow, Scotland in 1886, survives as last square rigged vessel afloat on bay area Bay and as certainly one of just two American-owned square riggers yet afloat on the Pacific Coast.

Through her long life, Balclutha features played a dynamic role when you look at the development of maritime trade and trade in the United States, starting with the grain trade between California and The united kingdomt from 1870 and 1890. Balclutha is regarded as three survivors of a large number of grain vessels which called at San Francisco.

After 1899, Balclutha had been engaged for a time inside Pacific Coast lumber trade.

In 1901 she passed into US ownership and a few various other vessels through a certain Act of Congress.

Starting in 1902, Balclutha was utilized in the Alaskan salmon trade, by which she stayed until she ended up being the last cruising vessel going north for Alaskan Packers Association, the woman owners, in 1930.

During the woman career, Balclutha sailed to ports throughout the world including Antwerp, London, Le Havre, Rangoon, Callao, Cape Town, Montevideo, Honolulu, Melbourne, Rotterdam, Port Townsend, San Francisco, and Chignik.

Apart from some changes made during the course of her long career as a functional vessel so that as a museum ship, Balclutha is actually the same vessel as established in 1886.

Source: noehill.com
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