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May 2, 2020

Latest to Oldest – Royal Caribbean Ships by 12 months Built & dry-dock Plan

Below you’ll look for an infographic of Royal Caribbean Ships by Age. Hopefully that this allows you to determine which ship is right for you.

Just before choose which ship to sail, consider Royal Caribbean’s most recent cruise ship, its earliest, and the of late dried out docked because fleet.

In accordance with our Ship spouse community, “newest” doesn't constantly equal “best.” Some of you prefer a ship with some additional personality. Many have become faithful to a specific ship. You love to understand every inches of her and certainly will trade expertise for several for the brand new great features.

As well as cruise ship age, there’s additionally the dry-dock schedule to take into account. A full renovation makes a ship appearance new. While more recent boats in many cases are more costly to sail, you are able to likely get a hold of discounts on recently renovated cruise liner sailings.

We’ll enable you to determine the Royal Caribbean Ship Age that is right for you. Within the next infographic, we’ve managed to get as facile as it is possible to visualize your vessels age versus the remainder RCCL Fleet. We’ve in addition included a schedule of whenever each ship ended up being dried out docked (regarding the right-hand part). For those who have a stronger choice of brand new vs. Old, kindly use this chart to make sure you’re picking the Royal Caribbean Ship that’s right for you!

royal caribbean ships by

For people who don’t like pretty pictures, available the tough data below in boring, black-and-white.

Royal Caribbean Ships by Age

  • 1992: Majesty of the Seas
  • 1995: Legend associated with Seas
  • 1996: Splendour of this Seas
  • 1996: Grandeur regarding the Seas
  • 1997: Rhapsody for the Seas
  • 1997: Enchantment of the Seas
  • 1998: Vision associated with the Seas
  • 1999: Voyager regarding the Seas
  • 2000: Explorer associated with Seas
  • 2001: Radiance for the Seas
  • 2001: Adventure associated with the Seas
  • 2002: Navigator associated with Seas
  • 2002: Brilliance regarding the Seas
  • 2003: Serenade associated with Seas
  • 2003: Mariner associated with Seas
  • 2004: Jewel associated with the Seas
  • 2006: Freedom of the Seas
  • 2007: Liberty for the Seas
  • 2008: Independence associated with the Seas
  • 2009: Oasis associated with Seas
  • 2010: Allure of Seas
  • 2014: Quantum of Seas
  • 2014: Anthem of the Seas
  • 2015: Harmony regarding the Seas
  • 2016: Ovation associated with Seas

Royal Caribbean Dry Dock Plan

  • 2007: Navigator of the Seas
  • 2009: Voyager of this Seas
  • 2009: Adventure of Seas
  • 2010: Vision of the Seas
  • 2010: Explorer of Seas
  • 2011: Freedom of Seas
  • 2011: Jewel of this Seas
  • 2011: Liberty of Seas
  • 2011: Radiance associated with Seas
  • 2011: Splendour associated with the Seas
  • 2012: Enchantment of Seas
  • 2012: Grandeur of Seas
  • 2012: Majesty associated with Seas
  • 2012: Serenade of Seas
  • 2012: Mariner for the Seas
  • 2012: Rhapsody of this Seas
  • 2013: Brilliance of the Seas
  • 2013: Independence regarding the Seas
  • 2013: Vision for the Seas
  • 2013: Legend of this Seas
  • 2014: Oasis of this Seas
  • 2014: Mariner of the Seas
  • 2014: Navigator of the Seas
  • 2014: Adventure of the Seas
  • 2014: Voyager of Seas
  • 2015: Majesty for the Seas
  • 2015: Explorer of this Seas
  • 2016: Liberty associated with the Seas
  • 2016: Freedom of this Seas
  • 2016: Jewel associated with Seas
  • 2016: Radiance associated with the Seas
  • 2016: Splendour for the Seas
  • 2017: Serenade of the Seas
  • 2017: Enchantment for the Seas
  • 2017: Rhapsody associated with the Seas
  • 2017: Grandeur associated with the Seas

If you’re wondering, what’s the real difference in cost between cruising regarding the newest and oldest ship, you should check out of the after rates options. Toggle through the dates and compare the essential difference between different Royal Caribbean Ships by Age.

Oldest Ship

The cruise line’s earliest cruiseship, the Monarch associated with the Seas, was released in 1991. That’s 25 years of age! A ship can undergo lots in two-and-a-half decades. By our quick mathematics, that’s an incredible number of passengers which have sailed this lady over that point period!

Latest Royal Caribbean Ship

The Harmony for the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s newest ship. It set sail in-may 2016 and it is was built in France. When established, it become the world’s biggest passenger ship, overtaking her sister vessels, the Oasis of this Seas therefore the Allure for the Seas. You should check down all Royal Caribbean Ships by Size here.

If you’d choose to sail this modern vessel, consider your alternatives below along side rates!

Use the toggle on remaining to modify between itineraries. The Harmony of the Seas provides some different sailings. Utilize the drop-down selection regarding the right to filter between dates.

Once you've those two options set, you’ll see rates info from different providers. Click the the one that interests you most!

Lately Dry Docked Ship

The Majesty associated with Seas is Royal Caribbean’s oldest ship. There clearly was one ship that emerged before this lady in fleet, the Monarch of this Seas, however it was offered off years back and is not any longer included in the ship rotation. The Majesty recently underwent an entire dry dock. Improvements consist of a unique pool deck, bigger spa, and completely enhanced cabins. For a glance at prices, take a look at the rates widget above!

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