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July 11, 2022
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This study formulates a two-objective design to look for the optimal liner routing, ship size, and sailing frequency for container providers by reducing delivery expenses and stock expenses. First, shipping and stock price features tend to be created making use of an analytical technique. After that, predicated on a trade-off between shipping expenses and stock costs, Pareto optimal solutions of the two-objective model tend to be determined. Not only will the suitable ship size and cruising regularity be determined for any route, but in addition the routing decision on whether to path bins through a hub or right to their particular destination is manufactured in unbiased price area. Eventually, the theoretical conclusions tend to be placed on an incident research, with very reasonable outcomes. The results reveal that the ideal routing, ship dimensions, and sailing frequency pertaining to each amount of inventory costs and shipping expenses are determined making use of the recommended design. The suitable routing choice is commonly shipping the cargo through a hub as hub charge is reduced or its efficiency improved. Furthermore, the proposed model not only provides a tool to analyze the trade-off between delivery costs and stock expenses, but it addittionally provides mobility regarding the decision-making for container carriers.


  • Routing choice;
  • Ship size decision;
  • Sailing frequency;
  • Multi-objective analysis;
  • Hub-and-spoke communities

1. Introduction

The hub-and-spoke system has been a mainstay for some time in airline traveler networks, airline cargo communities, express delivery sites, online communities, and communication networks. In maritime transportation it offers become popular for container carriers to deliver their solutions since the global trade keeps broadening, and cargo traffic grows. In a maritime hub-and-spoke community, major harbors are often chosen as hub ports centered on their particular place plus the needs of cargo shipping, while the various other harbors serve as feeder ports, in other words. spoke harbors. Huge mama ships are utilized on main lines to give services among hub ports, while small feeder ships are employed on feeder outlines to supply the solutions between a hub slot as well as its feeder ports. Main lines usually are shipping solutions between two continents or areas, like Trans-Pacific provider, Trans-Atlantic Service, Asia–Europe Service, and Asia–Australia Service. Alternatively, feeder outlines are mainly for obtaining or circulating cargo within a continent or region, such as for example China–Japan Feeder provider, Singapore–Surabaja Feeder provider and others.

Under a hub-and-spoke network, economies of circulation could be realized by consolidating cargo through a hub simply by using big vessels. However, routing all cargo through a hub just isn't fundamentally befitting all situations. Although the average shipping price per TEU reduces on line-haul feet of hub-and-spoke communities, freight originating in feeder harbors must be trans-shipped through a hub, and sustain extra shipping distance, shipping time, slot fees and loading/unloading costs. Furthermore, there perhaps exist economies of circulation for direct solution when there is a large sufficient circulation. For that reason, whether or not to course containers through a hub or straight to their particular destination is dependent on cargo flows, port charges and efficiency, locations of feeder harbors, etc. The correct route, optimal ship dimensions and cruising frequency are decided by checking out those influencing factors. This research constructs an analytical design to address these problems.

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