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March 26, 2017
8_Couple Sails around world




Sailing solo internationally could be a lonely company, and it will be good to possess a "little buddy" along when it comes to ride.

For a few, that's a pet. For starters 24-year-old Frenchman, Guirec Soudée, which is a chicken.

Yep, a chicken. A hen, to be particular, named Monique. And she actually is quite the fine-feathered friend.

Guirec Soudée and Monique while the catch regarding the day.

While he told the BBC, he found Monique whenever she ended up being only four to five months old together with "never remaining the Canary isles. I did not talk any Spanish and she did not talk any French, but we got along."

Monique has not been, well, chicken about new adventures.

On a-wing and a prayer, the pair tripped to ocean. He picked her because a) he desired some organization and b) he can use the eggs. (Unstated ended up being that if things got desperate, he would have another way to obtain necessary protein up to speed besides.)

He wasn't certain at first whether she'd travel really.

"in the beginning, I was worried sick, " he stated. "there is huge waves and she might stumble, it would seek out another like she might overload, but she'd constantly regain the woman footing. She actually is extremely brave."

Man and chicken float!

Evidently birds could possibly get their sea-legs, also.

Discover videos of a few of their adventures:

While the pair continued their particular trip — following the Canaries they headed towards Caribbean and they are today up at the Arctic — Monique proved to be the plucky partner Soudée required.

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