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October 19, 2016
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Pontoon Protection

We would like to remind you your access signal towards pontoons is purely for berth holders also to just take additional care when entering the pontoons, do not allow a stranger or let some one you do not understand piggy back in your accessibility. We simply take great treatment in pontoon protection in purchase for it to operate people should be aware.

Winter is Coming...

With cold temperatures regarding the home we chose to take some time to provide a safety note to take care though regarding the pontoons. So, throughout the coming months please just take great attention whenever seeing your ships. Demonstrate careful attention whenever going off and on your boat or when crossing a water area, familiarize yourself with the area of nearest security ladder making an idea of the method that you would grab yourself out from the water should the worst happen.

Cold weather tend to be are creeping in once again therefore again be aware that pontoons might be frosty and slippery especially morning and evening. During Frosty periods we'll seek to salt the primary walkways and access ramps when needed.

Carols regarding Quay - The Pill Owls

We're going to once more be hosting Carols from the Quay featuring The Pill Owls on Thursday December 22nd @ 1930. Be sure to mark the time within calendar, it's a good evening to help you get in to the Christmas spirit. Additional information ahead!

Cardiff Tidal Lagoon - Message From Portishead Cruising Club

So how exactly does this impact you? Learn how on Wednesday night sixteenth November 8 PM razor-sharp on Portishead Cruising Club, Pump Square, Pill, North Somerset.

Portishead Cruising Club are receiving a talk by 'Tidal Lagoon Power' about their proposals when it comes to Tidal Lagoon Power venture in Cardiff Bay between Cardiff and Newport and exactly how it will probably affect the Nautical Leisure neighborhood.

The PCC invite all people and non people to the talk where they will be able to be informed, inquire and ideally have actually a feedback into the design in which appropriate.

The PCC anticipate seeing you here.

Rubbish Bins - Domestic Spend Only!

I would like to tell everybody your trash containers tend to be for domestic waste just, kindly take household items towards tip.

Extra Berthing - Purchase Placed

With another successful period underway we're very happy to help you that an order has been put for the following element of the pontoons. We request you to bear around when you look at the interim as extra room will undoubtedly be offered.

Source: www.quaycrm.co.uk
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