Charleston Sailing School

March 30, 2019
Charleston Sailing School

Coastal NavigationStudents should be able to show the navigational theory needed to safely navigate a cruising vessel in coastal or inland oceans. 1 complete day of class room presentation and examination is combined with 2 days of on liquid useful education. The useful is recommended with this specific course, but highly recommended. This course takes all factors in navigation into consideration. Numerous methods for developing a fix, predicted position, and plotting a course, while considering set/drift/leeway are all covered. Chart reading/updating, helpful publications to your navigator, and tide & current predictions are taught. Compass deviation, magnetic difference, GPS, also digital helps are accustomed to develop cohesion between report and digital navigation.

Price of Course:
one day – Classroom only – $400 (plus income tax) per individual; includes program materials, and ASA certification.
3 time – course and Cruise – $1, 350 (plus tax) per person on a monohull or $1, 650 per person on a catamaran; includes training course products, ASA certification, running expenses, 2 evenings aboard, and food terms.

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