Pirate ship sails template

September 6, 2022
Windows, port holes and
  • swashbuckling snacks. Purchase sword-shaped cocktail picks, offered by many food markets. Thread red grapes, cheese or other sliced up good fresh fruit onto each sword.
  • Bone Bread Sticks.Make bone tissue loaves of bread sticks out of dough and plunge in bloody marinara sauce. Tell yer guests they taste bad on bone!
  • Canon Balls. Serve meatballs in Teriyaki sauce as canon balls. Stack them on a few mini trays in pyramid design like canon balls ready for fight!
  • Celery Ships. Reduce celery into 3-inch lengths. Smear with peanut butter. Make a small pirate flag (using template with secret) and stick in the heart of the celery. Put a few raisins along the length to make the pirates.
  • Watermelon Pirate Ship. Accentuate with a sizable pirate sail (template design added to mystery).
  • Pirates Booty. Puffed corn. Not really certain why it's known as Pirate's Booty, nonetheless it meets the theme.

Flags to name and label your meal come in "extras" portion of your secret.


  • Fish and Chips. a basic in almost any seaside inne.
  • Salty Water Dogs. Provide hot puppies or sausages with a pirate sail (sails templates included in secret packet).


  • A CARRIBEAN TREAT. Offer ice cream balls rolled in coconut or frozen bananas and fresh mango sorbet for dessert.
  • Ocean Blue Parfait. Make pirate parfait with blue jello and gummy fish. Top with white whipped cream sprinkled with blue sprinkles (for sea waves) and an orange pirate ship with a toothpick pirate flag (incorporated with packet).
  • THEMED CAKES: select photographs to go to more detailed guidelines on how best to make the desserts seen.


  • Shark's Blood Cocktails- Freeze red Hawaiian Punch into ice cubes. Put the ice into sprite or any other obvious fluid and watch while the sprite converts pink to purple.
  • Planters Punch - This punch will capture the nature of pirate grog because of the rum and citrus tastes, but a few various other components make it much more interesting than that. Provide it in a punch bowl otherwise serve it in labeled growlers. (Label designs included with the secret.)

It doesn't matter what you serve, consider how ye offer it!

  • Make sure you utilize the celebration extras part of the mystery to create some growler labels to after that fill with your preferred beverage!
  • The how-to area will reveal steps to make a pirate gem chest out-of a styrofoam cooler – what better way to offer ye ale?
  • And if you want to label meals, there are templated designs to do that with pirate sails!
  • Also keep in mind the MENU to list most of the food ye is going to be servin'!
  • Including huge pirate sails for foods like hot dogs, dessert, watermelon, etc.
  • And who can forget me favorite small Jolly Rogers to put inside appetizers?

There are many ways to actually "dress-up" your table(s) for the celebration.

Protect your table with a black tablecloth and scatter silver chocolate (or plastic) coins and plastic jewels.

Create a gem upper body centerpiece and fill it with what you may want!

Adding various pirate accessories can significantly help!

  • Skulls
  • Candle Lights
  • Candelabras
  • Strings of beads/pearls covered around glassware, centerpieces, napkin holders, etc.
  • Gem chest
  • Coins or jewels spread about
  • Red & white napkins
  • A spyglass (or two)
  • Empty containers

Using containers as opposed to specs can add on impact. In the event that containers are clear, give consideration to serving a red, blood-like beverage or utilising the "shark's bloodstream beverage" concept on our food web page.

Think of table athletes or table garments crafted from products such:

  • Red material
  • Ebony textile
  • Fish netting
  • Cheesecloth (pictured below right)
  • Cobwebs
  • Burlap
  • Brown Craft paper
  • Carribean inspired textiles or designs
  • Jolly Roger flags
  • Striped textile
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