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April 13, 2021
Innovation rules the waves at

The 162nd boat-race will pit Oxford and Cambridge’s people against each other on River Thames once again, with all the deep Blues looking to close the space for their Light Blues competitors when you look at the all-time rivalry.

Last year saw the Women’s Boat Race as well as the Men’s Reserve Boat Race occur in the Tideway on a single day because the Men’s Boat Race for the first time with its history, and became a dark-blue time to consider as Oxford completed a clean brush in all three races, also winning the Women’s Reserve boat-race a single day prior to.

In 2010, the Women’s Reserve boat-race will need put on exactly the same day because the other three occasions.

Cambridge nonetheless lead the general boat-race head-to-head 81-79, as they hold a more substantial benefit within the Women’s Boat Race with a 41-29 lead.

Here’s everything you need to know in front of the Boat Race.


Oxford Men's team celebrate their 2015 success

When will it be?

The 162nd Boat Race happens on Sunday 27 March, switching from its normal Saturday mid-day slot a year ago to its brand-new Easter Sunday standing in 2016.

Just why is it on a Sunday this season?

The boat-race modifications time and time every year because two facets – college timetables and wave times. Every year, the boat-race has to take location through the Easter holiday breaks, providing organisers a period of time from Saturday 12 March to Sunday 17 April to create a date. The Men’s Boat Race must begin half an hour before high tide in Putney, meaning the competition probably will alter time each year being meet up with the demands.

Exactly what time do the events start?

15:10 - The Cancer Analysis UNITED KINGDOM Ladies' Boat Race

15:25 - Osiris-Blondie Race [Women’s Reserve]

15:40 - Isis-Goldie Race [Men’s Reserve]

16:10 - The Cancer Research UK Boat Race

What time does TV protection begin?

All four events are covered live on BBC One, with protection set to get underway at 14.30.

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